About Adeola

Adeola Olumide Pidan has a true undying love for travel. Pidan was born in Nigeria, where he attended elementary, middle, and high school. When the time came to go to college, Pidan began his studies in Nigeria, but then moved to Canada in 2002 to continue his studies. In 2007, he moved to the United States. Pidan has been to far more countries than those he has lived in. In fact, he has been to over 20 countries. He is truly passionate about travelling and he loves the way in which visiting new places can enhance one’s life. Adeola appreciates nature, and a big part of his travels involve taking in the world’s natural beauty. He also stops to look at impressive works of architecture. Pidan is always sure to check out both the natural and man-made wonders that exist in different places all around the world. Pidan is also well-versed in a fair number of languages. He speaks English, Spanish, a bit of Russian, and Yoruba, a Nigerian language.

Far from simply amazing vacations, Pidan sees his travels as a way to learn about other cultures. He loves seeing the beautiful differences between people and cultures all around the world. He finds it incredibly fascinating that two people who look fairly similar can be quite different culturally. Adeola’s favorite place that he has visited is the Cayman Islands, which he visited for a year between 2005 and 2006 as part of his medical school program. He has also enjoyed New York, London and Amsterdam. Pidan believes that his travels have allowed him to learn and grow significantly.

Adeola’s MBA studies brought him to the Netherlands, where he currently lives now. He is studying to get his MBA in Economics and Corporate Compliance, which he plans to attain in January 2016. Adeola is also finishing up a Master’s Program online. He plans to get his Masters in Health Administration from St. Joseph’s University by April or May of 2016. Adeola hopes to soon gain a career in the medical field that will bring him back to his homeland of Nigeria.

Adeola’s love of travel is everlasting, and it is evident through the sheer number of countries in which he has lived. Pidan truly loves immersing himself in a number of cultures and is dedicated to doing so through travel.
If you would like to learn more about Adeola Olumide Pidan, feel free to visit adeolaolumidepidan.net.


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